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I'm trying to express beauty as I see it.

I like to explore various mediums, shapes and ideas, I enjoy interacting with matter, word and sound.  Sometimes color. Strange and meaningful stories are showing up at my door. There is a mystery residing in life, in those little moments of our mundane life.

I feel that art is a safe shore. When I land there, I can hunt for the magic of beauty and poetry, capture the soothing light of a song. It is all about my courage: how deep I can go into my wild forests of wishes, delights and fears. Everything and everyone that shaped me so far, created fertile ground for more and more essential questions that lead me to cross boundaries. In any quest for truth, uncharted territories await.

But I'm not always on a quest for truth or deep meaning; sometimes I'm just drifting.

Until the next shore.

Through art, to my Butterfly Factory.